Web Walker Chronicles

Web Walker Chronicles


Weaving the Web

 It began as a story I heard during class, a lesson on  Vincent van Gogh.  I knew it without knowing it. I knew the emotion and the paint strokes,  I knew the pain in those colors and I understood the release of getting  it out of my head and onto the canvas. I was in 4th Grade, I had never  been exposed to art like this until then and I would resent my parents  for not allowing me to be closer to or involved with the project around  this art, or anything else that made these, memories, appear and reveal  more and more of a story a child with my background and understanding  shouldn’t couldn't know. Jynysus was first, her name then was Autumn, an  ironic twist as we normally see spring as a beginning but for some  religions and many faiths, it is in the fall that is the true mark of  the end of one year and the beginning of the new one, which is what she  was all about. From Jynusus would come Gaia, who was then known to me as  Rebecca, then Zanatara, who was then just a shadow who would evolve  into Morgana. Character after character introducing themselves, memory  after memory taking shape, and the story just growing and evolving into  something I couldn't even find words to explain at such a young age. The  Web Walker Chronicles is a life times expression of who i am, was, have  been, known and remember. All made real by the story being shared here. 

Web Walker Chronicles!

Did you know?

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Getting to Watch a Future Fandom Grow From the Ground Up

Be there from the very beginning! Think of the bragging rights you'll have and the master of trivia you'll be when this goes from mold mannered blog to power house novel and eventual movie mayhem! Just imagine how Jealous people will be when you pay for the VIP only to be greeted as a dear friend from back in the day. Seriously, that kind of thrill is worth hanging around for and a couple of bucks a month to enjoy. 

This is Just the Beginning

 These novels have been in my head since the 4th grade. Memory after memory finding its way back through me and onto paper. It's almost been published twice, the short stories have been used as inspiration for fan art, and now, after years of hiding it away, I am working with a writing coach and editor to make sure I bring you the most intricate, fascinating, mesmerizing, and thrilling story to hit the shelves in years. Lets do this together and bring Book One, Jynysus, to the shelves Before Dec 2019. 

The Web Walker Chronicles

 Working with past lives and the paranormal, it's only rational that I would  be curious about my own path and past journeys. As a result I have been writing bits and pieces of these past lives their role in the creation of the history and mythology we know and don't know and their place in accordance to the beginning of it all. Join the guardians and gods of old as they share the story and history of the web that binds us all.